Phone problems


Bianca Bakiu, Writer

Imagine taking a selfie with a friend and the phone getting yanked away by a teacher. Sure, this is an example of improper use, but many students need their phones and have them taken.

I believe that students should be allowed to use phones after school (on school property) and on the bus. I think that it would make school even more safe than it already is. It is unfair that one grade ruined the phone policy for the entire school.

I do agree with the fact that students should not be allowed to use phones during school time for unnecessary things, but if the cause is reasonable, then it should be allowed.

Approximately 66 percent of public schools prohibited the use of cell phones in 2015-2016. That means only 34 percent of public schools in the United States that allow the use of phones. Saying that there are 98,817 public schools, 65,219 schools banned the use of phones and 33,598 did not. I think less schools should be banning the phones all together instead of on buses or in leisure time.

As a matter of fact, the UCS Student Handbook does not say anything about the use of cell phones after school on school property or on the bus.